Shipping & Purchasing Agent

Shipping Agent

Are there items that you’re seeking to acquire from Korea to Canada, or vice versa? Why don’t you consider COSHIP’s direct-delivery purchasing agent service? Many companies now offer their services in this area, but none compares to COSHIP’s comprehensive care model, where we oversee all the steps in the purchasing and shipping process, from purchasing to storage, packaging to delivery.

COSHIP Contact in Canada
1-20120 102B Ave Langley, BC, Canada V1M 3G9
Phone : 604-455-1000

COSHIP Contact in Korea
31-1 Unyang-ro, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
Phone: 02-2043-5000

COSHIP Delivery Process

1. In case of online payment:
Write down the Canadian or Korean address of COSHIP in the Shipping Address line

2. Communicate the product details and your own personal contact information via email or Kakaotalk

3. The requested item will be stored within the facilities of our Korean subsidiary

4. Release of complete invoice

5. The product will be shipped out after full payment has been made.

COSHIP Shipping Agent Service by Sea

“Appropriate for the following clients.”

  • Those who seek the most affordable option: compared to delivery by air, delivery by sea is up to 70% discounted in price.

“Appropriate for these kinds of items.”

  • Larger cargo: items that are too large to transport affordably, but require safe transport nevertheless.
  • Heavy cargo: shipment by sea is priced according to girth, not weight – you don’t have to worry about how much your items weigh.

COSHIP Shipping Agent Service by Air

“Appropriate for the following clients. ”

  • For those who need the fastest possible delivery: we provide air delivery by Korea Post, Canada Post, or UPS to provide you with the most variety of options.

“Appropriate for these kinds of items.”

  • Lighter or smaller items can be transported with greater speed at a lower cost.

Refunds or Exchanges for Products Bought Through Our Shipping Agent

When you desire a refund or exchange regarding an item you have bought through our shipping agent, it is possible to request it so long as the product has not yet landed in the relevant country. After landing, we are not able to provide refunds or exchanges.
After checking the refund or exchange policy of the carrier for your item, please notify COSHIP regarding this request. In the case of exchanges resulting from the carrier’s error, in which case you may receive a Return Label at the expense of the carrier, any return shipping fees will be waived. Any other fees will be at your own expense.
Requests for return shipping may be made by phone or email.
In case of refunds or cancellation of service resulting purely from your change of mind, we return the price of your deposit in full with the exception of a 10$ service fee.