International Deliveries

Features of COSHIP

Are you concerned about an upcoming move across borders?

Are you concerned with whether you should dispose of your current belongings,
or take them along with you whilst footing the massive delivery bill?
Meet with our in-house Moving Consultant to explore your options.
We offer helpful advice over the phone, and even conduct complimentary visitations to your home to personally conduct quotations.

Features of Moving with COSHIP

We depart every week via our direct route from Vancouver to Busan. You can depend on our one-stop system to guarantee optimal delivery times.

We use custom-designed packaging materials utilized by professional in-house packers to ensure the safety of your cargo. Our procedures within the CBSA-approved Customs Sufferance Warehouse guarantee that the potential for mishaps mid-delivery is extremely minimized.

Whether in Canada or Korea, we serve as your representatives at customs to spare you the inconvenience of accounting for your shipment. The procedures for shipping internationally can be complicated in Canada, where individuals are expected to undergo interviews at customs to verify their cargo. However, if you elect to ship through COSHIP, there will be no need to come out to your interviews from far-out regions such as Victoria, Nanaimo, Kamloops, or Revelstoke – ultimately saving you time, money, and peace of mind.

* As of November 2017, bylaws regarding freight transfers have been adjusted. Please visit our blog for more information.

Canada to Korea Korea to Canada
ROK citizens returning to Korea after over 1 year abroad (in the case of family dependents, over 6 months) Holders of work, study, or dependent visas who are coming to reside in Canada
Canadian citizens or Permanent residents who are planning to move to Korea permanently or long-term (period exceeding 1 year) Canadian citizens or Permanent residents who have resided abroad for a period exceeding 1 year

*For exact and up-to-date information on customs, please refer to our phone line, real-time Kakaotalk support, or blog. Link to COSHIP blog here.

Routes to Surrey CBSA


  1. Follow the #99 VANCOUVER BLAINE HWY southbound
  2. Exit through #2A and travel east towards 8 AVE
  3. Turn left at 176 STREET (PACIFIC HWY)
  4. Enter the road on the left side past the duty-free on 1 AVE


  1. After exiting through #53, go south on 176 ST. towards 1 AVE
  2. Pass the duty-free and enter the road on the left