Vehicle Delivery

Vehicle Delivery from Canada to Korea


Do you intend on bringing the car that you used in Canada to Korea?
COSHIP, which maintains offices in both Canada and Korea with a direct one-stop system between the two locales, can provide the best possible service at the best possible price.

COSHIP Duties & Client Obligations

Basic Requirements to Transfer a Vehicle
The vehicle must be registered under your name (or registered to your family and dependants) given that you have resided in Canada for over 1 year (in the case of dependants, over 6 months). Moreover, this vehicle must have been under your possession for over 3 months within your duration of residence in Canada.
(In the case that you are shipping out your belongings prior to your departure, the duration of 3 months must be fulfilled before the shipping date. In the case of some family members remaining in Canada and continuing to use the vehicle beyond your departure date, the deadline to fulfil this 3 month requirement is extended until the date of their departure).

Vehicle Pick-up Service (Canada)

We provide a convenient vehicle pick-up service in consideration of the fact that it may be difficult for you to reach our Customs Sufferance Warehouse. Those who utilize this service will have their vehicles moved to the warehouse for safekeeping until departure. If you are finding it difficult to deliver your vehicle to our location, please contact a COSHIP representative. We will pick up the vehicle from the location that you designate. This service is offered nationwide, but fees vary depending on the region.

Customs Requirements for Vehicles

  • Passenger Vehicle (under 10 seats) or a two-wheel vehicle (over 50cc)
  • Registered at your residence of departure, utilized for a minimum of 3 months
  • One vehicle allowance allocated per family unit
  • Imported within 6 months of the holder’s departure

Documents to Prepare for Customs

Original copy of ICBC insurance papers, proof of vehicle purchase (in case of second-hand purchase where original registration is unknown, it is possible to ascertain this information via CARFAX ( after purchase), documents that detail the registration date of the holder, copies of the holder’s passport and domestic insurance receipts.
The above information has been compiled through the guide on customs clearance for private vehicles. Please note that this list does not provide guarantee of clearance. (Source: Seoul Customs HQ, Incheon Customs HQ)

Taxes for Vehicles

Even in the case that you fulfill all the conditions for customs clearance, all vehicles manufactured outside of Korea are subject to additional taxes. It is possible to confirm where your vehicle has been made by opening the front door on the driver’s side. For vehicles with ICBC insurance documents indicating a VIN number starting with the alphabetical letter ‘K,’ taxes are waived for entry into Korea. However, in the case of vehicles manufactured under a Korean brand but manufactured in a foreign factory are subject to taxes.

Link to view tax estimations of vehicle delivery

Vehicle Delivery from Korea to Canada


Only cars originating from and registered in Canada are eligible to return to Canada via vehicle delivery. Cars manufactured outside of North America are ineligible for clearance. If you submit the documents you submitted to the CBSA at the time of vehicle delivery to Korea, as well as copies of your ICBC insurance papers, your legal Canadian visa documents or B4E (proof of citizenship or permanent residency), the transfer will be eligible for clearance. As the sole delivery provider offering direct service between Korea and Canada, COSHIP offers the most convenient and reliable options for vehicle delivery between Korea and Canada.

Vehicle Delivery from Canada to USA/Domestic Transfers within Canada


Documents Required by Region

Region Required Documents Delivery Times
USA – Compliance Letter
– Form 3299 / Form HS-7 / Form 3520-1
– Copy of Passport/Visa/I-94
– ICBC insurance papers, warranties, etc.
– Destination Address
– Note: Depending on your visa, required documents may vary. Please refer to our office for more detailed information.
East Coast: Maximum 4 weeks
West Coast: Maximum 3 weeks
(Pertains to number of working days)
Canada Domestic – ICBC 보험증 사본
– Copy of ICBC insurance papers
– Destination Address, Name of Car owner, Contact information for destination recipient
– Date of departure, name of vehicle transporter, Contact information for origin
Desired pick-up date
2 to 3 Weeks (Pertains to number of working days)